JDS, OS X Server 5.1.x, Certificates

Contributor II

I'm running JSS and JDS on top of a Mac Pro with OS X Server 5.1.7. I managed to installed and get everything working. I can upload files either from the JSS Web Console or Casper Admin. My problem is that every time I open Casper Admin, I enter my JSS credentials and Casper Admin complains about the SSL certificate not being trusted.

So here's my problem. I'm using a wildcard certificate with JSS. Everything works accordingly from the JSS Admin Console to enrollment, management and policy deployment. From the Web Admin Console If I click the lock icon I get the valid certificate in the form of *.mycompany.tld and is verified.

But when I open Casper Admin, it complains that my certificate is not valid. Going a little further, for JDS it's using a certificate in the form of jds.mycompany.tld and it shows that the certificate it's been issued by the JSS Built-in Certificate Authority.

Shouldn't JDS be using my wildcard certificated? How can I configure my wildcard certificate with JDS?