JDS Usage?

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Has anybody setup a JDS and used it to manage multiple sites? Outside of the initial setup woes, how has it performed? How quickly does it replicate? Does it need a lot of babysitting once up and running? Any gotchas people should be aware of?

I'm still trying to clean up the mess of doing the migrate button on 9.x's casper admin (converting pkg.zip files) and I hope to be done with that today or tomorrow, but replication has been one of my more time consuming activities that I'd like to offload to the JDS as we are now up to 11 remote production servers I'm trying to keep track of. Any useful tidbits of info from your dealing would go a long way to help myself as well as others who are considering making the plunge.



What's the mess you're trying to clean up from doing the migrate button?

In answer to your question, I'm just getting started with JDS. The other night I tried replicating in Casper Admin from my AFP master DP to my JDS instance, and it locked up my JSS. I talked with Support and they said that process can get messy when dealing with a large repository (ours is 100GB), and they suggested a manual method:

  • Copy the contents of both Packages/ and Compiled Configurations/ on your master distribution point to /Library/JDS/shares/CasperShare/ on your JDS (that's the path for a Mac JDS, not sure about Linux)
  • On your JDS, enter the command "sudo jamfds inventory" to make the JDS notice that it has new packages and then update the JSS

This seems to have worked for us. For now, I'm having my technicians test deployments from the JDS by doing an Override Defaults when they deploy things using Casper Remote and force Remote to use the JDS.

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is there any log files it creates that you've found? I haven't been able to locate any. And there's no verbose flag to see what the jamfds inventory is doing.