JNUC 2013- Deploying iOS 7 in an Institutional Model

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Thank you all for coming to my session. I hope that you were able to take away a few ideas that will make your life easier. Here are the links and feel free to continue the discussion here! Again thank you guys.

Annotated Slides, as I am NOT the most polished speaker in the world!!

Apple ID Parent Guide- Great for distributing through email or as a handout for parents.

Apple Configurator and Activation Lock
also take a look this... Thanks to Charles Edge @ krypted.com I don't know Charles personally but as a Mac IT guy his blog is one of my daily reads. Amazing insight and info...Thanks Charles! http://krypted.com/mac-os-x/icloud-location-services-ios-7-and-organization-owned-devices/

Turn on verbose logging in Apple Configurator, again all the glory to Charles Edge and Krypted.com

Also check out these sessions if you missed them, they were awesome! Deploying iOS to K12 can be tough so learn from anyone and everyone you can!

Farmington School District- 7,000 iPads in 7 Months. Awesome nuts and bolts info for deployment! I I learned a ton of new ideas and plan to implement them at our next rollout nights!

Joe Yomada's Getting Smart with your iPad Deployment. Here I was able to get a few golden tips. Have a spare dish rack? Watch this and it could just replace your sync cart and save your district tons of money. http://www.jamfsoftware.com/latest/getting-smart-with-your-ipad-deployment

Thanks again to JAMF Software and JAMF Nation for a wonderful event. Hope to see everyone next year!

-Andy Beaver