JNUC 2017 Early Bird Rate Expiring

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Hello Jamf Nation,

It’s hard to believe that we are 3 ½ months away from the Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC). I’m writing to make sure you are aware that our $599 Early Bird pricing ($499 for education customers) is coming to an end, and to encourage you to register now before pricing increases to $799 starting on Thursday, July 13.

I recognize that the price of a ticket, plus hotel, airfare and time away from work to attend a 3-day conference is an investment. But we promise to make it well worth it.

So, what makes JNUC special?

To put it simply… you, and the rest of the incredible Jamf Nation community. While there is no shortage of conferences being offered to enhance your IT skills, JNUC is different. The JNUC isn’t a long sales pitch or marketing ploy; instead, it is a forum where you can learn new skills and create the relationships needed to get the most out of your Apple investment. We remain committed to investing in you and your individual growth, and take your feedback seriously. Following last year’s JNUC, you told us you wanted more challenging content, more opportunities for hands-on learning, and more focused attention from Jamf specialists, while continuing to have the freedom to network with your peers.

Trust me. We listened. We are making significant changes to JNUC this year based on your feedback. In fact, here are 10 reasons why JNUC 2017 is a can’t miss event:

  1. New venue in downtown Minneapolis with more space and real wi-fi
  2. Five session tracks, including new How To and Interactive Labs tracks for deeper dives and hands-on learning
  3. More content than ever before (80 sessions, up from 53 in 2016)
  4. Opportunity to get hands-on with Jamf Pro 10
  5. Networking opportunities with your peers and Jamf, including Mini Events
  6. Jamf certification courses
  7. Dedicated event app to help you get more out of JNUC
  8. An awesome Jamf Nation party
  9. Hackathon (more details coming soon!)
  10. Resources to share with your team post-event, including session recordings

We’ve made these changes without raising the JNUC prices in 2017. We are pacing well ahead of last year, so I encourage you to secure your spot and lock in the lowest rate now through Wednesday, July 12 before prices go up on Thursday, July 13.

For those who need help winning approval from their bosses, we’ve crafted a Convince Your Manager letter to ensure you’re not missing out on any of the action.

Questions or need additional help? Email us at [JNUChelp@jamf.com](mailto:JNUChelp@jamf.com).

I can’t wait to see all of you in October!



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Yay! Real Wi-Fi!

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I have to wonder what "real wifi" even means...

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Probably that there is a DHCP scope large enough to support all of us with our 2-4 devices haha.

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Hello Dean,

Is the education pricing also going up to $799? If so you will pretty much guarantee some public institutions will not be able to send some employees to this event. Our organization purchasing roll over is July 1 and with all the politics that are involved it will take a bit longer to get the order to JAMF. I'm hoping this was/can be taken into account when planning this.

A Concerned Education Customer

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Thanks for your question @mwoodard87. The short answer is, yes & yes. Yes, the pricing is going up to $799 for both businesses and education. And yes, Jamf did take your points into consideration when planning. Our goal with JNUC is to create an awesome community event for everyone in Jamf Nation. We understand that cost makes it prohibitive for some to attend. It’s why we have kept the pricing structure the same as last year and published the plans when we announced shortly after JNUC 2016. We also make every effort to either steam or record sessions for those who can’t make it. Our quest is to reach as many people as possible, and more importantly, connect all of you together. We have absolutely no focus or intent for profit. It is simply the best, large and expanding break-even event we can offer. Thank you for your concern for the community – especially those in education. Like prior years, we expect hundreds of schools to be in attendance representing you and your concerns. All the best.