JNUC 2020 Capacity


Let's see, what's the most appropriate emoji for this? Oh, yes: 😑

So what's the limit here? I'm a bit surprised considering this is online. Hopefully, of course, all sessions are recorded for all registered attendees to view later.


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same here..... C'MON!!!!!

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Also since many sessions are pre-recorded...

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I dragged myself out of bed at 3am NZT to get this...

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Yeah, that screen was most unwelcome today and I saw it more than once. I saw it on exactly that same session, so apparently it was wildly popular.
It's not as if we were all streaming our camera output to each other like in a Zoom or Teams meeting. It was one presentation and slides. Why was there a limit, and what was it just out of curiosity?

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Are you seeing these messages for sessions or interactive labs? The screen shot is for an interactive lab, which has a 200 person limit. The labs make use of VPN and VNC to connect to systems at MacStadium, so I can see they they would have a limit.

But if this is regular sessions as well...

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@patgmac Ah, that might be it. Makes sense if so. I only saw it on certain sessions and they may have been the interactive ones.
Thanks for that info.

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My feedback is going to suggest that the first 200 get a VM to play along with....the rest should be able to watch and not participate.

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@patgmac Agreed, I was looking forward to this specific lab.