JNUC 2020 Session on Automated Scripting


At JNUC 2020 there was a presentation on automated deployments including installing apps and changing settings etc. There was a script that you could download and review. I cannot find that script or the presentation anywhere.

We are bringing our student laptops in this summer and want to fully automate their setup before we take them back to the schools, logins, user icons, apps installed, wifi settings etc. I understand that we can do most of that will configuration profiles and policies but am trying to get my hands on that script to see what it all covered and how it worked etc, to see if we need to incorporate that into our plan. Anybody remember that presentation?

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@jalbert Are you thinking of DEPNotify and DEPNotify Starter?

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The setup is totally automated, just a single command and the script takes care of rakekniven pinned globally August 26, 2020, 10:03am Can I run it on the NUC I bought in your shop?