JSMFPRO supported systems


Currently JAMFPRO installed on Centos 7. I wonder what system should I migrate to. 


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Not an option for everyone, but I preferred running JAMF on Windows until we moved to cloud hosted. 

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Would say it depends on what you or your team are used to managing. Windows Server is probably your best bet in terms of general compatibility and overall usability, currently 2022 and 2019 are recommended with 2016 and 2012 R2 being supported but worth noting that Windows Server 2012 R2 is EOL come end of next month so would steer away from that option.

If you're comfortable with Linux distros then Ubuntu Server or Red Hat Enterprise


We are happy with Ubuntu LTS. IMO, tomcat applications run better on Linux. But I think it boils down to which OS your staff is most comfortable with. In general, steer clear of commercial Linux distros such as RedHat. Expensive and not worth the money.


Ubuntu LTS, Rocky Linux, or RHEL free version (dev) seems to be stable. I remember setting it up on Centos was not that easy, and there is not much instructions. I would not have a problem using RHEL or Rocky since all commands should be similar, but as far as I remember it took me a couple days to set all JSS + data shared storage. I can use Windows if there is any docs or instruction helping step by step. 


Thank you