JSS and Apple Configurator 2 - Removing Passcodes?

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I've long hoped for a solution where I could connect an iPad and remove a passcode on an iPad despite the WiFi being disabled. This would solve the kid forgot the passcode, guessed a million times, and disabled the iPad with WiFi automatically shutting off and preventing Casper from connecting. Cue the wipe and restore!

Configurator 2 looked like it might create a workaround for this and so I configured it to connect it to Casper.

Then I discovered you need to wipe and restore each device to have Configurator 2 be able to actually connect to the iPad.

A further hurdle seems to be that you need to download the Unlock Token for every device that you might need to unlock before any passcode is installed!

Am I correct or is there a way to streamline this process?


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Apple released a new adapter that more easily gets the iPad on ethernet (with ethernet thunderbolt adapter, and power). We have 2 on order for such a situation.

See the thread over here & diagram by @dstranathan https://jamfnation.jamfsoftware.com/discussion.html?id=12444#respond

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Unfortunately, if the iPad has actually been disabled, neither WiFi nor ethernet will work to enable it; Apple hasn't put this kind of command into the MDM framework. The only thing that I have found to work is to connect the iPad to a Mac and use iTunes to do a sync. iTunes sends an enable command as the first part of the sync.

I have not had the chance to really dig into Configurator 2 so perhaps it has this capability as well which would be cool! Based on what you are saying (and it makes sense), this still requires an existing trust relationship between the iPad and Mac so they will connect.

I'm going to go send Apple some feedback asking them to allow this.


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Well I guess I am wrong!

If you get a Clear Passcode command to the iPad, it will Enable the iPad!

This is with iOS 9.x so maybe something has changed? Also, this was an iPad that was still counting down to an Enabled state (several minutes left) - so it was not totally disabled.

Sorry! I'm happy to be wrong. :)


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@cdenesha It is my experience that a clear passcode command will unlock a Disabled connect to itunes iPad with some version of iOS 9.

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I just disabled an iPad 2. The Clear Passcode command was successful, but the iPad is still Disabled. Restarting the iPad did not help.

I connected the iPad to my computer so iTunes could sync (I had trusted the computer in the past) and it enabled. I captured the console logs of the iPad for this, in case anyone who knows how to read them would like to look.