JSS Bug in Cofiguration Profiles - doesn't retain the sync times

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If I create a User Level configuration profile with Mobility section, it doesn't retain the sync times after I save it.

If you select 'Every' and put a time in and save it. Open the same configuration again and go to the same settings and you'll see it is blank.

see the picture attached;
external image link


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JAMF is aware (D-002772). The answer boiled down to an issue on Apple's end as it occurs with Profile Manager as well and to try MCX for that one part. Unfortunately I can't seem to get the MCX setting to override the Profile's cached settings. The only way I have found so far (still testing) to correct it is to remove the profile once the user is created and physically replace the ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.homesync.plist

I'm hoping to find a more elegant solution as I'm having trouble going all MCX with the user folder on a second partition...