JSS Certificate Validation: Failed - curl was unable to connect

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What could be causing the JSS Certificate Validation status to change from Success to Failed on managed computers running 10.9.4? Re-enrolling seems to resolve the issue temporarily, but this has been reoccurring with the same computer now since late November. Doing an advanced search reveals there are a total of 27 of 894 managed computers with JSS Certificate Validation status as Failed, however I have not yet had a chance to see if re-enrolling would resolve the issue on these. Once it begins failing logins take a long time and Configuration Profiles are not always installed.


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I am running into this as of 9.6.5. Hit and miss, but same scenario fails to curl right after imaging, and certs do not show up. In one particular scenario I am going to let a test box sit overnight. Wondering if heavy server usage maybe causing a issue?

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Same happen to me, does CURL require HTTPS connection ? if so can we now the server where JSS is trying to connect in order to verify Certificate validation

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This may be an old post but some of my MacBooks are having this error message. Wonder if anyone got the same issue and did it get resolve?

The error message comes up from the extension of JSS certification validation. This extension was downloaded from the resource extension posted here on jamfsofware website.

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Greetings, may I know how to solve this problem? One of my users is having this problem too. Error msg: Failed - curl was unable to connect

Running on OSX 10.7.5, iMac. The other user is using the same model and OS, but the JSS Cert Validation is successful.


This is still an issue, I now have three Macs showing this error. Update: I found a different post the recommendation to use "sudo jamf enroll -verbose -prompt" -- it fixed all three; two via SSH, one directly on the machine... so, nevermind...

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Has anyone determined what's causing this problem? I have 17 MacBooks showing this error today. There were 21 yesterday. It's definitely an intermittent issue. I've seen the sudo command workaround but haven't had a chance to try it yet. Looking for a resolution. Thanks!