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I just noticed that just one of our ~180 Macs started showing in JSS as serial number "Not Available" a few weeks ago. Laptop had been deployed about six months at that time. It continues to check in and provide inventory, but I don't have physical a...
A user updated her DEP-enrolled laptop to El Capitan via App Store yesterday, like dozens before it in our organization have been done, and now it pops up the message that usually shows up on machines we've tested to bypass DEP enrollment on first bo...
I've been doing some searching around the discussions and knowledge base, but I can't find definitive info on whether Casper Suite is yet compatible with 10.11 El Capitan (beta) and whether there is a timeline when it will be. I had a user running OS...
Hi,We're about to roll out Casper Suite to a growing group of software developers who have been local admins on their machines since we were a much smaller company. We want to present this in the best possible way to avoid reducing motivation and pro...
Currently have no LDAP system, growing rapidly and looking to implement something. This "Directory as a Service" cloud service looks interesting. Has anyone tried it? Thanks