JSS column sorting weirdness


Hi - we're having a strange issue with our JSS where anytime I need to browse through a list with multiple columns/data types, e.g. Computer Groups, or Policy Logs the sorting order defaults to something completely useless (or to nothing). For example, if I'm creating a policy and scoping it to a smart group, I click on "Computer Groups" and they are all listed but in some strange order that makes no sense - not alphanumerical. I have to manually click on the "name" column to sort A-Z or vice versa.

Similarly if I am looking at policy logs, they are sorted by computer name now as a default and I have to manually click on the "Date/Time" column header to sort them in chronological order. This never used to be an issue prior to...I want to say maybe JSS 9.7 (?) We are on 9.9 now.

Does anyone A - know the expected behavior/the behavior they also experience: is the JSS supposed to remember my preferences? Or does the JSS just sort things not in intuitive ways anymore? And B - are there any caches stored by Java or tomcat that may be determine the default sorting behavior of my JSS?

Thank you!


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Seems to be a bug introduced in either JSS 9.9 or 9.91

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I noticed that being an issue in Scoping to Smart Groups in 9.82, but just noticed the policy log issues in 9.91.