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I've got another one.....Would be possible to add the Fill User Template, Fill Existing User Home Directories, and Update Autorun data options when scheduling a policy to install or uninstall apps. For example: I am uninstalling Suitecase X1 and installing Suitcase Fusion and I've made a policy to do so, but I want the uninstall process to leave the prefs because Fusion is capable of reading and updating them. I don't want to push a new set of prefs with Fusion because a lot of users create personal sets and add fonts themselves. Ideas??


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I agree, I can see where these types of options would be helpful for a Policy, since that functionality exists within Casper remote to optionally fill/delete FUT, FEU, and update AutoRun data. If you wanted to schedule something like this to run at like 2AM when you are asleep (maybe) it would be nice, too. The functionality for installing/uninstalling a package should be similar for both methods, Casper remote and policies.

The only thing we don't know and I can't seem to find in the manual is what the default behavior of the uninstall package option is related to policies. I know that a policy install will FUT and FEU if it's set to do so in the package settings. If a package is created and is set to FUT and FEU will it by default delete from UT and EU with an uninstall policy? Perhaps with policies it does that and we don't know it, but the JAMF support guys can answer that. I'd want to say to be on the safe side I'd not remove user data with an uninstall by default. I'd test it with a package, but I'm being lazy...

Craig Ernst