JSS Install in AWS

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Hi there,

We recently received the go ahead to migrate our JSS into an AWS instance. Our current onsite JSS is running on Windows Server 2012 and we have replicated this in the AWS instance. When I go to install the JSS, it wants to install itself on the C: drive and will not let me change it to a secondary drive as both the folder path and browse buttons are greyed out.

Is there another way that I can tell it to install elsewhere? If there isn't that's fine, but I'm trying to keep non OS related items off the C: if at all possible.b905e1422ef54183a21660fe7870ae2b


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Is it possible you're not running this as an Admin?

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@eosrebel @rderewianko

I'm pretty sure you cannot change where the JSS is installed, the C: drive is the default location. If I remember correctly, there was a Feature Request to change that (I can't seem to find it).

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If you are comfortable with a few more steps the manual installation process will allow you to install where you want to. I use the manual method on a Windows 2012 Server for Tomcat (database is on a separate server). There is a separate download/instructions for the Manual process under My Assets.