JSS only opens with port 8080


After upgrading from 10.18 to 10.19 on a Windows server, JSS only opens with port 8080. I have it set to port 443.


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It if doesnt work over HTTPS with 443 thats typically something to do with your SSL cert. Check out the Catalina logs located at /path/to/tomcat/logs/catalina.<DATE>.log. It s It should show the issue as to why it couldn't start the https connector, if you restart tomcat it would be one of the early things in that log at that time. Likely permissions on the keystore or something related to that p12 that holds your tomcat SSL cert.

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I had this occur yesterday 7/16/2020. My JSS could not resolve the URL stored in the database during startup. I saw binding errors to 8443 in the logs. "could not resolve XXX" Once the server was able to resolve the name it would start 8443. This was a really weird issue for us, once we know more about what in our environment changed we will be opening a case with Jamf to have them review logs. We are on Jamf Pro 10.18.0 currently.