JSS profiles and application in self service issue

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We recently had an ipad mini roll out and some students are having issues downloading profiles and applications that are placed in Self Service.Screen says the "application will download shortly"(not sure if these are the exact message) and the installation prompt never appears. I'm also having the same issue with an Email profile I created. The only similarities between the users is that their usernames, that where pulled from our AD, where recently changed but I did a sync with AD so that they were up to date. Can someone help?




How are you enrolling the iPads with the JSS? Are you using configurtaor with a downloaded enrollment profile or using the OTA method?
Is your APN Cert in the JSS up to date?
Can your JSS and also your devices communicate to the APN servers on the network they're on? The way MDM is communicated is JSS > APN > Device > JSS.
Make sure you can get to your JSS via HTTP, as SCEP enrollment via configurator profile uses this HTTP url to talk to the JSS. (Global Management > JSS URL. Default is usually "http://casper.mycompany.com:9006")

If your JSS uses an external CA to verify its self, make sure this is up to date also.

Also please be aware that at current, a few people who do iOS MDM are experiencing issues with rolling out in-house apps via Self Service with Casper v9. JAMF are aware of this and are investigating for a possible fix. We upgraded from 8.7 and are experiencing this and have been unable to find a fix as of yet, we restored an instance of Casper 8.7 to a VM and I am using that to do all my MDM as I know it works with this version of the JSS