JSS Slow Response Times

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Lately we've been having slow response times from our JSS, mostly when
running large queries.. In short I believe I need to bump up the MySQL
max Packet Size as the JSS Setup Util will only allow you to bump it up
to 16M.

Does anyone have a recommendation on how to easily manage this, or
increase the max packet size within MySQL. I know this can be done via
command line but have not had any luck with the syntax.. Any ideas?
(Mr. Larkin I have a feeling you'll be able to field this one!)

Thanks in advance!

Jason Weber

Technology Support Cluster Specialist

Certified Casper Administrator

Independent School District 196

jason.weber at district196.org


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Download the MySQL GUI tools and in advanced networking you set the max
packet size. Mine is set to 128megs

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How do you edit the packet size? It keeps going back to the same figure