JSS system management issue + quickadd not working

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Hello all,

So our JSS was upgraded to 9.92.146xxxx the other day, and while everything is dandy, there are 2 issues that have emerged that are highly impacting us.

  1. inability to access system settings/management (the gear icon) without first having to run a mysql check/optimize.
    i have rebooted machine and mysql/tomcat all in an effort to test, but still doesnt do anything.
    java 8 u51. tomcat 7
    after the command is run and tomcat is rebooted, i can access the system settings.

  2. larger scale, quickadd fails.
    after the update, it seems to have wiped out cert for tomcat, so a new one was remade with a 2017 expiration date.
    however, on a fresh machine i get an "installation failed" - the installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail.

the error occurred before and after the cert for tomcat.

as an aside, i made a new quickadd package to test but i have no idea where to put it.

thanks in advance all!


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There are quite a number of variables here; some of the information to accurately diagnose the problem is in log files (for example, if a quick add fails, the /var/log/system.log or the /var/log/jamf.log might tell you what is going on).

If something is going on with your mysql database, which is the very heart of your JSS, then that requires trained support and gathering more information.

For these reasons, I would recommend you contact jamf support.

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so i have the jamflog open and the error i get is:
Error getting version information from the JSS...

oddly, while there is not self service app on the computer, the policies are run.
with a checkjssconnection it shows its available.

any thoughts?