JumpCloud auto-assigning user question

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New Contributor III

Is anyone using JumpCloud and have a way to automate assigning users to specific machines. Currently I only see a way to manually assign a user to a machine after the machine has the JumpCloud agent installed onto it. Which is very annoying since I am trying to automate computer enrollment through DEP and having JAMF Pro install the JumpCloud agent on enrollment (that part works like a charm). But then I have to go into jumpcloud after someone turns on their machine for the first time and manually assign that machine to them.

So if I am missing something, I would love to know about it, thanks!


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Just adding a comment so I can see the replies. I just started searching for something also!

fwiw https://support.jumpcloud.com/customer/portal/articles/2444698-importing-your-users-into-jumpcloud-load-users-from-csv-file-

Rick Lincoln

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bmortens115 check out this new repo which has examples for integrating JumpCloud with MDM vendors for zero-touch deployments.

See how to auto-associate users to systems using a Jamf policy with a payload of this script.