K-12 MacBook Air Program

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We are rolling out a pilot one-to-one program with MacBook Airs in our school district. I just wanted to start a thread to see if anyone had any management tips, best practices, or pitfalls to watch for?

As the new school year creeps closer, I find myself to be more stressed daily.


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Have policy written that spells out what you do when X happens, such as a student loses a laptop, damages a laptop, etc etc etc.

We are happy with the airs here hardware wise over the macbooks we started with.


a good resource:

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Thank you for the information.

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Be prepared for... everything... to happen.

As @CasperSally said, policy will help everyone. It's impossible to plan for all the things that will be thrown your way but go ahead and get a good process in place for things such as

  • Lost/Stolen - Spell out the steps each stakeholder will take. Student/Parent, School Admin, Tech Dept, Security, Etc. This helps keep things from getting lost in the mix.
  • Damage/Repair Procedure - If you're charging, spell out possible costs including whole unit replacement
  • Be prepared to absorb some costs - Some things just aren't worth the fight.
  • Some things are classroom management issues and not IT issues. Don't get pressured into being the police.
  • Lysol Wipes - Some of these things will get gross.

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Shoot me an email chris_hafner@brewsteracademy.org We'd be happy to share what we've learned over the past 21 years of our 1:1 implementation along with our existing policies and procedures. It might give you a good reference and base from all of our successes and failures. Every school and district is different. That said, it's just too much to post here.

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Thanks for the mention. I'm happy to share with anyone what we've learned over the last 4 years of our 1:1 laptop program (1000 MacBook Pros; now Airs). We have lots and lots of resources on our website (www.mka.org) and some are mentioned in my presentation linked above. Feel free to contact me.