Kaspersky Big Sur

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Hello everybody

We have an issue with installing Kaspersky 11 Endpoint and Big Sur.

We did everything that Kaspersky recommend with the configuration profile but we still have to allow "sysextctrld"

Do you guys have this issue ?

In the official knwoledge base :

There is no mention about that

Can anyone have an idea ?

Thanks in advance

Have a good day


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Kaspersky's example .mobileconfig already contains everything you need, including the System Extension payload. However, this MUST be deployed to endpoints BEFORE they receive the updated Kaspersky components, otherwise the System Extension will require explicit user approval.

If you have already deployed the new components before the clients had the System Extension MDM profile you'll need to remove the relevant components and push them out again to reset the System Extension approval status to MDM-approved.

There is no way to use the 'systemextensionsctl' binary to reset the System Extensions state in-place without disabling SIP, which I wouldn't recommend.

Further reading: https://www.jamf.com/jamf-nation/discussions/33964/how-to-system-extension-in-macos

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Hey, I wanted to chime in here and say that I am also seeing this issue, even with Kaspersky's provided mobileconfig applied before installation of the app. I haven't found a way to avoid the Allow button so far-- any luck on your end?