Keep track of lost/stolen/broken Macs (without Deleting)

New Contributor II

I was wondering if there is an option to keep track of lost, broken, stolen, or otherwise no longer operational Macs.

Right now I see 2 options:
- unmanage
- delete

The problem with "unmanage" is it will still show up in searches and lists afaik.
The problem with "delete" is I loose all info.

I want to be able to have a separate inventory of permanently out-of-service Macs, so I don't actively have to filter them out. Possible?

Thanks for your insights, all tips welcome.


New Contributor

Create an EA for lost/stolen/etc/etc. scope in or out by the value of that EA.

If you don't unmanage the device counts against your licenses and is calculated in smart groups adding to load.

Jamf isn't really meant to be a historical CMDB type tool, it's a currently in use management tool.