Kitcast / YouTube Freezing (Same time daily)

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Hi all

We're experiencing an odd issue whereby running a mixture of Kitcast and Youtube appears to freeze on all of our AppleTV devices at approximately 13:56 BST.  The devices have to be either manually power cycled or remotely rebooted from the Jamf Pro Console.  This occurs every day around that time with nothing observed to be odd about the infrastructure such as maintenance windows or an increase in traffic.
I've tried both wired and wireless connections with no resolve.
What's odd is if the device is rebooted at some point in the morning in advance of 2PM the device does not freeze again until 13:56 BST the next day.  It almost seems as if the freezing occurs 24 hours after the launching of Kitcast but evidently this isn't the case.

The only thing I haven't tried is using the apps without MDM management which would be a pain so before I resort to trying that I wanted to rule out whether anyone has experienced this or not.

Kitcast are at a loss as this hasn't been reported by any other customer until now.  Any suggestions besides a scheduled daily reboot will be welcomed.

Thank you


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My brain is screaming network issue, probably a security tool going rogue. Beyond that sounds like time to dig through logs.


Apple TV Logs: How to Collect Apple TV Logs - Kitcast Support

Profiles and Logs - Bug Reporting - Apple Developer

Thank you for your input.
A network issue was my initial thought but after much investigation and wireshark tracing we have not been able to find anything that stands out.  The issue is very much with Kitcast and Jamf as a combination as neither party have come across this issue and Jamf support had very little knowledge of KitCast to comment on even getting this setup.

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.