Komprise Automount Service

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I thought I'd post this here in case any one ever needs it, as we've had quite a few issues getting this working!

If you don't know what Komprise is, then check out their website.

Essentially, it's a data management/migration/archiving solution that can do things like take any data that hasn't been accessed in 3+ years and archive it off to cheaper storage, leaving a symlink in its place. When the user then clicks on that symlink it goes off and retrieves the data.

To get the symlinks to work you need an Automounter Service installed on client devices. For Windows we didn't have any issues getting it installed, just deploy the package. However for macOS we ran into a few issues.

If you try and make a package in Jamf Composer it won't work. The after snapshot doesn't pick up some files for some reason, and we went back and forth with this before finding there were some files missing that stopped things from working correctly.

The trick is (much like FortiClient), to deploy a package before the Automount Service package that contains a configuration file. In Komprise's case it is located at /Library/Application Support/Komprise/Automount Service/Config.plist. The plist contains the address of the site used by your Komprise tenant as well as if you are using Kerberos or not for authentication. Once both packages are installed, a reboot is required for everything to work as it should.