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I learned today that the Konica Minolta BizHub print driver is set to default to two-sided printing to save paper. In a school, always printing two-sided is not what we want. I talked to tech support at Marco and he said that it is simply a setting that needs to be changed. So my thought was to repackage the print driver and push that out. Well, of course, it isn't that simple.

I used composer to create the package for the print driver (as I had done previously) but I can't seem to access that setting. That brings us to the other problem I have - when I (or anyone else) go into system preferences on my Mac and go into manage printers, there is nothing in the list. The printers I have installed through Casper are there as options when I actually print something, but I cannot see them to manage them.

Anyone else have experience with this? I wondered if there might be a script I could run to change that default. Any ideas welcome!

Thanks in advance!


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The script would likely use the lpoptions command:

lpoptions -d cupsqueuename -o Duplex=None
lpoptions -d cupsqueuename -o SHKMDuplex=False

The first is a generic command honored by most printers, the second one is based on a KM BizHub 1050e . Both are untested, as I've never had to provision BizHubs widely. lpoptions -p printqueuename -l will list the options for a given printer and driver.

You can also use the -o switch with the lpadmin command when creating a printer. Note that the CUPS queue name may not match the printer name in the GUI. lpstat -a will give you a list of queue names.

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@lccbears, we have some Konica Minolta BizHub C452 devices that I setup using the lpadmin command and specify the options that I want set on the device by default. I have a Self Service policy setup in Casper using the "Files and Processes" that simply executes the lpadmin command. The command looks similar to:

lpadmin -p "Test_Copier" -v "lpd://" -D "Test Copier" -L "My Office" -P "/Library/Printers/PPDs/Contents/Resources/KONICAMINOLTAC452.gz" -E -o printer-is-shared=false -o Finisher=FS527 -o KMPunchUnit=PK517-23 -o KMDuplex=Single -o SelectColor=Grayscale -o ColorModel=Gray

I install the drivers at imaging time so I know the driver is already on the computer. The "-o KMDuplex=Single" is what sets the copier to single sided. I recently began using the lpadmin command in Self Service policies to add all of our organizations printers and it has worked well.

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We have the same printers konica minoltas...so I'm going to piggy back on the question. We want them to print mainly in B&W and not color.

Is there a command to force B&W as the default?

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@boberito, in the command I posted above the "-o SelectColor=Grayscale -o ColorModel=Gray" part is what sets the copier to default to black and white for our C452 copiers. I'm not sure if this is true for all Konica Minolta devices though. You can use lpoptions -p "Test_Copier" -l to list all the options that you can set on the copier. Substitute the cups queue name of your device for Test_Copier in the command to see the options for your device.

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@boberito I've a little write up on how to use lpoptions to find the correct options for a given printer: https://macmule.com/2013/07/16/canon-imagerunner-advance-c5240i-b2-printing-duplex/

It might help narrow down what needs to be set.

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@mpermann - no luck with those two :( It's a c364 konica. So not sure how different it is.

@bentoms - I've quickly looked through the options. I'll look deeper.

Thanks for the help from everyone.

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To default to single-sided on a Konica Minolta BizHub printer, we install it normally on a Mac, then use the CUPS web interface to enforce single-sided printing (under Finishing Options for our particular model). The printer is then captured using Casper Admin, and deployed normally along with its driver package. The single-sided default setting is retained.

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Nice suggestions. Question though. Can't you change the default printing on the Konica to single-sided B&W by default and then have users stipulate when they want a two sided or color print?

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The PPD sets the default. Can either edit the PPD before installation, or use @stevehillnz's suggestion to edit the default using the CUPS admin interface before adding it to Casper.

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If anyone is still looking this is what I have added and seems to work.

lpadmin -p Konica-C368 -L "Mailroom" -E -o ARCMode=CMBW -o EFDuplex=False -v lpd://<address> -P /Library/Printers/PPDs/Contents/Resources/KONICAMINOLTAC368.gz -o PaperSources=PC210 -o Finisher=FS534 -o KMDuplex=Single -o SelectColor=Grayscale -o ColorModel=Gray