(Lakeside software) Systrack installation from JAMF Pro

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I made a installation of systrack application to mac OS users from Jamf Pro console.

At starting, I faced some issues with web socket connection error.

Later found the solution to install.

  1. Package the systrack.pkg file.
  2. Package the lsiagent configuration file to tmp folder which comes with your systrack installation zip file. And add a below post installation script with in this package as well.
#!/bin/bash sudo mv /private/tmp/lsiagent.cfg /Library/Application Support/Lakeside Software sudo /Library/Application Support/Lakeside Software/lsiagentctl setup

Finally deploy both the packages to end user Macs through policy.



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Curious what led you to reverse engineer a properly coded flat and signed package from SysTrack?

All you should need to do is install the package and follow up with an "After" (postinstall) script that applies the CCID.


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Of note. the documentation has a capital letter "I" in place of a lowercase "i" when listing the identifier. For those that are not using PPPC Utility and are just doing a copy pasta from vendor doc