large tmp file

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Hi All

We have had reports of a massive file and wondering if anyone else has seen this or is there a known defect? We are on version 9.82

In one case the file was /Library/Application Support/JAMF/81489.tmp and its size was 295.93 GB

On 3 occasions the users have had pop ups their computer is running out of space, and so its not good

Unfortunately i do not have access to the computer see what the contents of the file is or if it still exists. In policy history for the computer nothing is standing at all.


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Curious to hear if you found out what it was?

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I just had this happened on my test machine. I just started messing with setting up the JNUC Security Reporting Compliance stuff on it when it happened. 107.19GB file, on a 128GB MacBook Air. Ever find out what it was?

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We're in the same boat, including the addition of CIS reporting. Are these all log files?

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I implemented CIS recommendations and one of recommendations is to turn off SSH. I've added the script which run command to turn off ssh, but I didn't know that result of command would be prompt: “Do you really want to turn remote login off? If you do, you will lose this connection and can only turn it back on locally at the server (yes/no)?”, which override all disk space in Jamf binary log files located at /Library/Application Support/JAMF/tmp. Deleted all log files there and correct mistake in command: sudo systemsetup -f -setremotelogin off. Hope it will help all of next readers of this article :) More information about command result - here:

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Just ran into this myself on one of our client systems. Haven't found the cause yet, but running a tail on the file in question showed all y's, which make me suspect something similar to the above. That or the Jamf process was shown this picture and just couldn't get over it.