Last Inventory Update

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Just looking to get some thoughts on what might be happening here. 

We have devices that were picked up by our e-recycler in 7/22. They send us a list of serial numbers they have and we then take them out of JAMF. However, a handful have updated inventory post recycling. Other than the company manually connecting them to a network, any other explanation?

Screen Shot 2022-12-20 at 10.32.55 AM.png


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Last reported IP is ours. 

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Did you make sure to wipe the devices and release them in Apple Business/School Manager before handing them over?


I would suggest deleting the JAMF Inventory record when you dispose of a device. There is no way to automate deleting the record (API withstanding), and you pay per device for JAMF.

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Did you happen to manually update any of the user or computer? Or possibly do an API call?

The Last Inventory date gets updated when using the API to update user data.