Latest OS Version Smart Group?

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Hi all

Jamf Pro gives us ability to see latest version under Patch Management clearly labeled Latest Version 

So with that in mind - Jamf knows what systems are on the latest possible version of OS and which ones are not. Which is great, right? However so far i was not able to harness that into Smart Group that would point to the same Latest Version systems. 

Is it not possible or am i missing something? 



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You can use Patch Management as a criteria in a Smart Group. 

Create a Patch Management Title for the software title you want to track (including macOS versions).


Then create a Smart Group and select Patch Reporting Software Title as the criteria (you may have to Show Advanced Criteria.). You then choose the Software Title you want to use. Your options will be all the versions that Jamf Patch Managment knows about, plus "latest version".  

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You can use "Latest Version" as criteria for a smart group - this is correct.  You can't, seemingly, then use this same group and add it to the scope of a policy.  I've confirmed this with Jamf, and this seems a very strange decision.  If you want to deploy / target anything with "Latest Version" you'll need to specify the version of the OS and manually keep checking it is indeed the latest for that smart group. Shame

You are correct. However, there is a workaround. Create the first Smart Group with the Patch Management criteria as "Last Version". Then create a 2nd Smart Group with the criteria as "Computer Group" and "Member of" the first smart group. That works. 

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Will give that a go - thanks very much!