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Hello all We got requirement to prevent users from saving files locally and only allow saving into OneDrive. Has anyone done something like that or has an idea on how to? I would very much appreciate all and any input. Thanks in advance
Hi allJamf Pro gives us ability to see latest version under Patch Management clearly labeled Latest Version So with that in mind - Jamf knows what systems are on the latest possible version of OS and which ones are not. Which is great, right? However...
Hi there Most of the JAMF Pro > Intune seems to be targeting MacOS and not iOS. Does anyone have successful production environment integration of JAMF Pro to Intune with Conditional Access to Microsoft?I am a the point where device now shows up in Az...
Hi there So this "Seems" to be most recognized LAPS for MacOS - Has anyone actually got this up and running? We had spends a few days so far messing with this but were not able to get it working properly, ...
Hello all Software updates are super confusing to me and i hope some of your expertise can help me "See the light" Right now, and it might be wrong and needs to be changed, we have Policy AND Profile for software updates. Profile says to:Automaticall...
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