Launch Self Service upon completion of DEP based enrollment

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Prior to OS X 10.11 I was able to launch Self Service when a DEP based enrollment completed. Version 9.82 of the JSS fixed the issue with DEP enrollments with OS X El Capitan which is great, but is there a way to have Self Service launch for the first time when enrollment completes? I do have Self Service installed in the Dock but launching it automatically creates a good first time user experience.


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@davehale -- Dave, you ever find out how to do this? I'd like to do so as well. Perhaps also launch safari to a specific "welcome to your new mac" website...

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Can't you just have it called as a once only event on a recurring trigger? Something like

osascript <<AppleScript
tell application "/Applications/Self" to activate

It would require someone to be logged in of course.

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I have a policy scoped to my prestage group set upon enrollment to run 'open -a "/Applications/Self"'

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Thanks. Also found that using Applescript, could launch Safari and the website I needed. Though it doesn't make Safari pop up so the user sees it -- just running in the background.