LDAP data seems to be corrupted in the JSS records

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We've recently have had a incident where over 300+ records in one of our Sites within our JSS now has the same information of the Username field (same user name for all 300+ records), email address field (same email address for all 300+ records), Position field(same position listed for all 300+ records), and Full Name field (same full is listed for all 300+ records).

I suspect something went haywire during a LDAP lookup, or we have had a few instances within the past few months where the Tomcat service gets hung-up and the JSS needing a reboot to bring everything back online.

Any thoughts?

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Scott Frederick
The University of Iowa


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You might try running some manual queries in LDAP to see if that returns any different info. Check your mappings too.

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Assuming other things tied into your LDAP server are working ok, my gut feeling would be something screwy with tomcat and it getting stuck in a loop with its LDAP lookups.

You could try taking a look at the searchbase and Search Scope you've got configured in case thats putting too much pressure on it.

Also worth looking at some of the JSS server logs around the time it happened to see if there is anything obvious in there.

Was it a one off incident or does it keep happening?