LDAP Department Field Mapping not pull data from AD / Room Mapping with department does

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Hello Everyone,

possible i oversee anything drive me crazy.

We have a Jamf Pro setup, all standard with Infrastructure.

I facing the Problem the Department field mapping does not pull the data form AD, fun fact if i enter department in the Room Field it does. So the connection between Jamf Pro and AD LDAP are working correct.

Yes, i can pull the data into JAMF by JSS etc, but this does not solve the issue why on our side the Department Data not pulled automatic with mappings.


Anyone an Idea what i can additional check to get this working except open an support Ticket :)





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We create each Department in Jamf Pro.  After we do that, Department is correctly populated when pulling data from AD.

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Just to note, @Genesys-AJ - this is actually a requirement. Both the Building and Department fields require existing data in Jamf (Settings > Network) that matches what LDAP/AD has, otherwise it will show as blank.


If you have a lot to import, you should be able to do an export from AD and then import it into Jamf using third party apps (I don't recall what they are off the top of my head as I've not had to do this in years).