LDAP or preload?

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We have used LDAP enrollment for years, but im wondering if preload would be easier and save classroom time the first week of school. So I have a couple questions-

1) With LDAP, it uses their Active directory usernames. But- does it actually just pull the information from AD and then create a jamf user based on that information?

2) If #1 is true, then I assume preload is basically creating those Jamf users and assigning a device to them without the need for an LDAP pull?

3) If those Jamf users are created in #2, then will the ipad automatically enroll and start downloading apps when it is turned on for the first time? Or will it still ask for some information? (language, time zone etc?)

Essentially- every student in the building seems to have some method of "wiping" their memory of usernames and passwords over the summer, so im hoping that the preload can "auto-assign" ipads to them so they dont need to recall their username and password the first week of school to get going (and also similar for students who are getting a user account and ipad for the very first time).


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I think all 3 of your questions kinda lump together.


  1. Yes. When you assign a device, JAMF will query LDAP For the userID you assign the device to and create a JAMF account with that information.
  2. I would say no. If you have LDAP Configured, you can assign the device at any point in time to the user. The user does not need to be present nor does the device need to be in hand, the LDAP account just needs to exist.
  3. So long as your content is scoped to a group that targets that LDAP user or device, it will automatically (or self service) install when the iPad comes online next. 
    1. New devices will need to be enrolled before they can be assigned to a user.


I don't want to hear about kids "wiping" their memory over a 3 months break. We cant get full grown adults to remember their password after being off for a week. lol