LDAP user cannot install from self-service portal

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We currently run JSS 9.4, and I am playing around with a one-touch deployment that allows students to pick up their device and log in using LDAP (Open Directory) credentials to create a mobile account.

When the student goes to the SSP, the packages for which the device is eligible are present, but when the student clicks on the package to install, the distribution point starts to mount and then it simply un-mounts and cleans up without installing anything. The logs show that the distribution point could not be mounted.

However: when logged in as the local admin, the distribution point mounts, and the package installs with no issues.

How do I set permissions for the LDAP users to be able to mount the Caspershare folder if that is indeed the issue?


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@pcamdm1, CasperShare if being mounted under the user account.. & I guess both the students & the servers are bound to the same domain.

If so they will need at least read access to the share.

Or you could move to HTTP/S or JDS & that way the students do not need read access.

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Got love it when you forgot to give file sharing permissions to your users...thanks folks!