License Key

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I placed an order this morning for Enterprise Composer and haven't received a license key.
Please advise.


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Did you check under "My Assets?" (located by logging and clicking more)
You can open up a support case by clicking more -> JAMF Support.
- RD

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Contact Jamf and ask them.

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I believe I found the license key under the my assets but there was no way of knowing where to find it. I would of thought that you would of sent out an email. If we have any more issues, I will contact you.
Thank you.

NOTE - could not find a phone number to contact them.

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Hi @Footlocker,

Sorry to hear you had trouble finding your license key for Composer, but I'm glad to hear you were able to track it down thanks to the help of our user community here on JAMF Nation.

For future reference, you can find our phone numbers here:

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