Links creating multiple volumes

New Contributor

Since moving to Mavericks I have some user complaints of duplicate volumes being mounted to various locations when following a link. What I'm hoping is someone has a solution that makes it function like Mountain Lion. Below is a description of the issue.

1 User receives a link to a server like:

2 User then selects the link, right click, Services > "Open URL"

3 What happens in Mavericks is it mounts a new share called, "folderB" and leads you to that folder. What happened in Mountain Lion and prior was if the volume "sample" was open, the link just led you to the folder without opening a separate volume.

I recall coming across an Apple forum on the topic but can't seem to find it again. One user said this is the way it should work as when you point a user to a location, they shouldn't have access to the entire volume. However, in a creative agency, we have two issues with this:

1 Creative Directors review dozens of files per day, therefore end up having to unmount dozens of volumes at the end of the day.

2 Artists want to quickly send links of files to each other. In an Adobe CS6 or CC workflow, they need to navigate from the link to the working files not the partial volume.

Hope that makes sense. Thanks