Listing Apps in Self Service AND Installing Automatically

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Hey All,

So I do a fair amount of Auto Deployments with Apps. Usually, its to install an app on a cart or buildings worth of iPads, and Usually, these are free apps. When I do that with free apps though, I also want to ensure that they are listed for everyone to find through the Self Service Store on the iPads. I find having a large list of "Apps used in the district" helps people who are unsure about how to use their iPads in the classroom.

However, what that results in, is me entering the App twice into Mobile Device Apps. Once because I need to Auto Deploy the app to a select number of iPads, and once more so I can scope the app to be viewed by all users in the Self Service Store.

Is there a better way to do this that I'm not aware of? It would be nice if I could have two different scopes, one for the AutoInstall targets, and one for the Show in Self Service Store targets.



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I'm doing it the same way, having two apps listed in Mobile Device Apps. One is for Auto Install and the other is in Self Service. So I would be curious to see how others are doing this also.

Thanks for posting a great question.

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Funny timing, I had a similar situation come up today and was wondering what others are doing for this as well?


I would say the easiest way is to make one app profile, then clone it and change your scope/settings accordingly and save it. That will save a little bit of time. Unfortunately there's no clone option like in config profiles.

I just made a feature request for this here: Ability to Clone App Profiles

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In the meanwhile, did someone came up with a One-Item-Solution?


@dhbw_mannheim Did you mean this?

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@reon I don't think that will work the way they want it to work. As auto install is set it will auto install on everyones iPad in the scope which defeats the object of allowing people to install it if they want to.

The only way I can see this working is to have the app listed twice on Jamf and have one set to auto install on the devices you want it installing on and appear in self service on all other devices.

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echoing others responses - I have found the easiest way to manage this is just clone the policy or app and have two separate one for auto-installations and one for self-service

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@msergi That is the only way to go currently but it is in my opinion a bad practice. I hope jamf corrects this in the near future.