load balancing distribution points


Hi Peps

I am now testing multiple distribution points, up to now I have only had 1 JSS server but i am testing out 2 brand new xserves to test a possible new setup.

I have setup server 1 as a JSS and Distribution point I have setup server 2 as a Distribution point

Then I set server 1 as the master with server 2 as its failover and ticked the enable automatic load balancing.

In the JSS i can connect to both servers and in Casper admin both show up in the servers side bar.

They sync using rsync fine.

I can also image macs from both servers by setting the server in the autorun details. Howver how do I get the load balancing working for the autorun, I have ticked the load balancing option in the Management Preferences section of the JSS.

But in the autorun details i have to select server 1 or server 2.

If i use Casper Remote is load balances the servers fine.

what am i missing?



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