Loading Management Tab SLOW in JSS for Student Devices

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Managing student devices in a 1:1 school setting. Placing devices in lost mode on a regular basis due to students misplacing devices. Takes FOREVER for the management tab to load. Issue started with new JAMF PRO update. Has been going on for weeks. Please fix!!! This is a time killer in an already no time environment.e682bc2cd9be4acc995bf380cc8d6431


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We have also noticed a slow down. Especially when using the Mobile Device Apps tab. We have 1,200+ apps and it will take awhile before I can even search for an app. If I change anything (like scope or any setting) and click 'Done', I have to wait a long time again.

The other spot where it takes a long time is Smart Groups. If I open a Smart Group and click 'View' to see the result, it takes awhile.

So… I have designed a FileMaker Pro database and using the API, I download all my Mobile Devices and Mobile Device Applications to my FileMaker database and it is MUCH faster. I can then change data in FileMaker and if I want to make a change, I change it in FileMaker and using the API, I update the JSS from FileMaker.

Sad that it has come to that…

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We are also noticing this. It is unbearable and killing our productivity