Local Admin Accounts Password Not working.

New Contributor

I'm having an issue with my local admin accounts on machines enrolled in JAMF Pro.

The admin account was added during prestage enrollment. 

Now that the devices are enrolled, the laptops will not take admin password, when needed for admine prompts. 

I also noticed that the local admin sign has been disabled in the plist file as well, so from the main login screen it will not allow you to sign in as an admin. It comes back with an error message that says, local authentication is restricted. 



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It sounds like your admin account doesn't have a secure token. Does the password work if you switch users in terminal? If so, it's most likely a secure token issue.

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This is also an issue I have and it does indeed seem related to the secure token. Some devices had additional admin users scoped to them which received the token instead of the primary admin user. But I don't understand why all those users didn't get the token.