Local (non-AD) account unlock

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We have roughly 100 Mac currently and our numbers are growing. We have non-admin local accounts that tend get locked out after either password expiration or number of invalid login attempts. I have tried using the "Local Users and Accounts) within Jamf to unlock the account. However, that appears to have had no affect.

1) Can Jamf reset a local account on a managed Macbook that is running FileVault2 encryption?
2) Can Jamf provide a warning message to the user if the local account will expire within X number of days.
3) Can any of the unlock features of the local account not involve providing them the filevault recovery key?
4) Can Jamf unlock or resolve the issue of not booting into the OS based off of a locked account? Which means, it will not have network access.



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Is NoMad a possible option even if all of my Macs aren't tied to AD or an ldP environment? Meaning, they are strictly local.