Local Software Update Server with SSL

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we want to use an internal Apple SUS with SSL.
I setup in Settings/Server Infrastructure/Software Update Servers my internal server, with my address:

https://servername/content/catalogs/others/index-10.14/production.sucatalog PORT 443

Then I made a policy with Software Updates/Specific software update server and I have selected my server.

Next step, I check the enrollment in policy logs.

The result was successfully, but if I look to my log, the result is:

Setting Software Update Server to http:https://servername/content/catalogs/others/index-10.14/production.sucatalog:443

the wrong address.
Is it possible to use https instead of http?

Under Inventory->General Settings-> Apple Software Update Server exist no server.

Any suggestions to solve this problem?


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@deichi Don't enter the protocol prefix when you set the address of your SUS server in the Jamf Pro Settings->Server Infrastructure->Software Update Servers configuration page. What software are you running on your SUS, and is it configured to send catalog info on port 443? 8088 is the default port for SUS catalog connections.

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We use Reposado and Margarita.