Lock down iPad to Safari (and a single URL)

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We have an iPad 2 that isn't part of our DEP so we are somewhat limited in how far we can lock it down as it will be unsupervised.

Can anyone offer advice as to how to lock down an iPad to only Safari and a URL. Preferably locked so they can't even minimise the safari window at all.

I saw this JAMF thread:
but didn't understand this part 'You should just need to add an "In House App" to your App Catalog in the JSS for use with Casper Focus'.


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Locking to Safari can be done with Guided Access mode on the iPad, no MDM required. I don't know how you could lock Safari to a single URL however.

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I am also interested in this. Have you been able to figure out a solution?

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It sounds like you're building a kiosk device for an organization and you don't want people to be able to surf away from the org's website.

You can lock down the iPad to "Single App Mode" so that the user can't exit the app. You could also use the Parental Controls feature to restrict the browser to a short list of approved domains and subdomains (*.acme.org)

However, there are a couple other possibilities to consider:

  1. Buy an "Kiosk" style enclosure that blocks the home button. (google: iPad kiosk
  2. Consider writing an iOS app with the address bar hidden. (example: Kiosk Pro Lite)

I'd suggest using an app, which will totally lock the user into the site with literally no way to change to an arbitrary address.

One last thing: in order for Guided Access to be foolproof, the device must be Supervised (set with Apple Configurator, or enrolled via DEP)

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There are a couple of ways to achieve what you want. The easiest, as far as I’m concerned, is to use the built-in functionality in iOS.

Start by turning on Restrictions under Settings-> General. Then go to Websites and tap to set “Specific Websites Only”. Now you delete all the pre-populated sites and add your specific URL.

When this is done you go to Settings-> General-> Accessibility and second from last Guided Access. Turn on Guided Access and create a passcode and/or enable Touch ID.

Now you open Safari, triple tap on the home button. Lo and behold, you now have a kiosk-mode iPad that only will run Safari with your specific URL. Still, you as an admin are able to change settings by just triple tapping and providing your passcode or Touch ID.