Locked MDM managed iPhone without connectivity

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We have an iPhone 6 that is registered with MDM through JAMF. Unfortunately the passcode is currently unknown and at the same time the device is not connected to any wifi or mobile data connection. This means, we cannot reset the passcode via the MDM and the iPhone is completely stuck. To add to the fun, the phone has been taken to a different geographic location so cannot be connected to the computer with the JAMF to reset that way. There is nothing important on this iPhone so a complete reset would be fine with us, if it allows the passcode to be reset and the phone to be connected to wifi.

Will erasing it using recovery mode using iTunes on a different computer do this trick? The device is not set up with an apple ID so that shouldn't be an issue. It is just the passcode on the lockscreen.

Any other ideas of how to unlock this iPhone or get it connected to the internet so we can push commands through the MDM?

Many thanks for any help!!





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