Locking a profile in production

New Contributor

Today, I tried to update an email profile for my company with results that were not foreseen. After creating a new profile, I started to model after an existing on. What did I do? I opened another JSS instance and proceeded to view one email profile while modifying the other. Guess what happened when I saved the profile? That's right I saved the wrong profile; not once, not twice, but three times and the JSS did not once ask me if I really wanted to modify a profile pushed to all of my mobile devices. Oops.

Of course, when the profile changes, settings change within the profile. Such settings include the profile name, the mail-from address, the email account, etc. And when the error became apparent, each time I corrected the email profile meant that each managed mobile device had to re-confirm access to the email servers.

I think there needs to be some sort of "safety mode" where JSS checks to see if the profile has been used and is active; if it is; then, it should prompt the administrator to verify the change, and not make the change to the profile without verification.