Log into Apple ID after imaging?


I am having this odd thing happening where some of the machines after they finish imaging, instead of going to the finishing install screen with the casper logo, they get stuck on a screen that says log in with your Apple ID or skip.

Once skipped it carries on as normal. Has anyone else encountered this?


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I've seen this, but have come up with no solution. Sometimes it seems that the "Adobe Temporary Install" account get's the file telling the OS that it hasn't logged in ever and to prompt for an Apple ID.

What's weird is sometimes it won't continue and other times it will still be installing in the background and reboot as if nothing had happened.

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@m.higgins there is another thread on JAMF Nation regarding the JAMF helper screen not always appearing. The poster noted a defect number of PI-000081. You may be experiencing the same issue. You may want to talk to your TAM and get your issue logged as well.