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Hello all,

My team and I are new to Jamf and trying to clean up the profiles of our predecessor. 

Recently our Big Sur lab devices have been having issues with their login screen--in the local system preferences you can see they are toggled to Name & Password to allow all network users to sign in, however, they keep switching to a login screen where there is a list of local users and no option for new sign ins. It can be temporarily fixed by signing in and out of our admin profile to come back to the normal sign in. 

So I made a config. profile for all network users sign in with Name & Password with a display message but when I moved it from my test group to a device in the lab, it only displayed my message from the new config. profile but still showed a list of users. Obviously, I know it could be an issue with the new config. profile but I tested it on a completely new device that I manually enrolled and it was successful. I'm thinking it could be conflicting with an older profile applied to the smart group--below is a screenshot of the functionality settings that I believe may be conflicting: 


Has anyone experienced this and/or does this look like a possibility? 




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Not a fun place to be in, but certainly manageable. I took over a long standing environment a few years ago, and it was a total hand off with no involvement from the previous team. I was running totally blind and had to figure how everything was setup without any documentation.


I have three recommendations. 

  1. Don't focus too much on Big Sur, it is in its last year of support. Focus testing on Monterey, and start testing with Ventura as it will be out in the next 30 days or so.
  2. Move away from domain binding and using network accounts. I cannot stress this one enough.
  3. I recommend going through all your Configuration Profiles, as well as System Preferences > Profiles and seeing what is being configured before trying to make more.


If you are still dealing with Big Sur in any capacity, start looking in to upgrading to Monterey or Ventura (when the time comes). Big Sur is in security fix mod, and has less than a year of support left. Don't put much effort in to fixing an OS that is already dead.