Login Hooks & macOS Mojave

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Is anyone else experiencing issues where it seems like login hooks are not occurring with Mojave?


sudo jamf policy -event login

from terminal works as expected, but login policies aren't processing automatically on our test Mojave machines. Looking at the Computer Usage Logs, we also see Mojave macs as never reporting Login, only startup and logout.

Any ways around this? Already tried removing the framework and re-enrolling.



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Possibly due to the current version of Jamf Pro not supporting Mojave yet. It's possible 10.6 might have initial support, but if anything you may have to wait until Jamf Pro 10.7 (or whatever they call it) to have support for Mojave. Until then, we can't expect anything to work normally, as it's not supported yet.

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There's been some talk about login hooks, which inform the Jamf Pro server when a user logs into a computer, being deprecated. If login hooks have been removed from Mojave, that would explain why you can execute login policies from the Terminal but not from an actual login.

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@echalupka I tested and was unable to replicate. Loginhook policies fired successfully and were recorded as expected in the JSS. Beta 3.

I would contact Jamf and inquire if your issues are related to PI-002269.

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I had an issue where I edited a computer level configuration profile and the “allow login hooks” checkbox in the profile had unchecked itself, even though I didn’t edit that page. I just had to recheck it and logins worked again. Pretty sure it’s the LoginWindow payload.