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I've been trying to slowly move away from binding my Macs to Active Directory and using tools like NoMAD. I want to be able to use SCEP in a ConfigurationProfile to request a cert with a challenge (pre-shared) password, but haven't been able to get i...
We have a cart of iPad Air 2's (64GB) running Apple Classroom. They are at iOS 11.2.1. When leaving them plugged into power in the cart they are constantly (sometimes a few seconds apart, sometimes they'll stop for awhile) making that chime sound lik...
We were able to use the script found here created by @bumbletech that creates a csv of all the apps in our environment that are 32-bit only and my goal is to exclude our iOS 11 devices from these groups. We found if you have an iOS 11 devices in the ...
In the JAMFSoftwareServer.log I get a lot of these errors: [ERROR] [neralPool-4] [VppCommService ] - Error managing licenses. ErrorNumber: 9628 , ErrorMessage:License not eligible for device assignment. I saw from this post that is it likely due to o...
We use in a user-level configuration profile to force install the uBlock extension in Chrome. This has been working great. We are running into issues in our K-12 where staff and students are complaining about some content being bloc...
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